Final Girl Press


We’re all about challenging norms and assumptions, and a prevalent pair of these in the western, capitalistic world are:

  1. Non-profits are nice & friendly but lack financial strength
  2. For-profits tend to become evil and terrible as they accumulate financial strength

Final Girl Press aims to be a for-profit, private entity that operates with the heart of a non-profit. We’d like our contributors and employees to enjoy the benefits that a private company can offer, while making sure the way we earn, report and distribute cash and profits is extremely transparent.

The Eyeball System

As an early stage project, with contributors who are all part-time, we have precious little funds. Therefore, we’re using a thematically adapted version of Mike Moyer’s Slicing Pie system to compensate all current and future contributors in sweat equity… which we call “Eyeballs.”

Have a look at the one-page explainer doc here.


There are many, many steps ahead. The section below summarizes where we are with them and what we’ve planned in the future.

Formalize idea, begin regular contributor meetings
Craft basic structure and approach
Develop email newsletter
Build site, set up emails, business tools, etc.
Collect initial content submissions (submit yours here!)
Expand content intake
Determine distribution methods and pricing
Develop community and industry partnerships, starting in Toronto
Plan supplementary podcast
First fundraiser or event (DELAYED)
Official incorporation
Begin first issue
Shareholders agreement

Current equity splits

This data is current as of December 31, 2018