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Season of the Witch: A Burlesque Experience Not to Be Missed

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Burlesque is an art form. Contrary to what our modern, tawdry society might have you believe, burlesque is not simply about stripping down to the naked skin. “The Art of the Tease” dates back over a century, and its first recorded existence dates back to the 1840s. Evolution being what it is, the nature of “tease” and “scandal” have changed somewhat, but the heart of burlesque always beats with the drum of glamour, performance, and provocation.

Final Girl is proud to be a part of Season of the Witch, an evening of burlesque which is premiering in Hamilton, Ontario. If you are at all familiar with the political arena of Ontario by-laws, you’ll know that this production is no small feat. The producer and creator of this show, Cadence Machry (who goes by the burlesque name “Miss Cadence”) advocated for municipal by-law changes to the definition of “burlesque.” This came after two burlesque performers were wrongfully fined under the blanket of adult entertainment. The by-law win offered a great deal of hope to the Hamilton burlesque community, and is redefining the way this thriving city views this exquisite form of theater.

The show itself, which is based on both the modern and traditional practices of witchcraft, features a stunning cast of performers, including Miss Cadence herself! Blending both classic and modern burlesque elements, this is a not-to-be-missed show that will be essential to every horror-lover, witchy woman, and rump-shaker alive (or dead—they don’t discriminate).

Be sure to catch the show Saturday, September 22nd at 306 King St. West in Hamilton. Doors open at 7 PM, tickets are $15 to $25.

We’ll see you there!


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