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Why I helped found Final Girl Press

by Jordy

I believe Lauren first told me about the idea of Final Girl Press over grub and pints at The Foggy Dew pub in Toronto’s charming west end. The notion captured me for a few reasons, and I knew I wanted to be a part of making it a reality.

As a writer and editor of fiction, it was an opportunity to connect with like-minded souls.

As someone who had been dabbling more and more seriously with the art of self-publishing, it was an opportunity to further unpack the business side of the industry.

As an entrepreneur, the potential for serving a niche market in a space I was passionate about sent up all kinds of green flags.

But maybe more importantly, as a cis white male, living in this age of what feels like simultaneous extreme social healing and turmoil, what really sealed the deal was the opportunity to do something meaningful with my time and energy. In my personal and professional life, I’ve been amazingly fortunate to know many talented women. Their ambitions and drive and creativity stand well outside the categorization of gender, race or creed… yet there’s still that insidious and devastating status quo that tips the balance of advantage towards the (white) boys.

And when you’re a cis white dude living in a first world country, in a wonderful, diverse city like Toronto, that imbalance can be especially hard to detect. It can be especially easy to forget, and not think about it. When the enemy is invisible, and non-specific, and doesn’t really impact you (hell, it does you god damn favours on a regular basis)—how do you fight it? How do you keep its ugly mug focused and in the forefront of your social, intellectual, occupational and spiritual lives?

For me, the answer was Final Girl Press.

The business and entertainment ambitions of the company are fantastic, motivating and exciting. But my founding philosophy’s raison d’etre is the mission to elevate marginalized voices, in a productive and communal way.

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