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Why I started Final Girl Press

by Lauren

I’ve loved the horror genre since I was a child. The catharsis of darkness and the ability to deal with trauma through horror’s bloody metaphors has further fanned the fires. Horror gives us all the opportunity to face that which we fear most with honesty in a controlled, safe environment. It shakes us up, spits us out, and offers us the grace to come out clean on the other side. I love that.

However, the horror genre has not always been known for its inclusivity. The large majority of voices, from authors, to screenwriters, to directors, are men. There is a desperate need for this to change. Although there are some incredible male authors out there, the need for more female-identifying voices has become imperative. This is what inspired me.

It’s hard to begin. Many publishers ask that authors have a readership, or existing published material in order to promote their work. There’s also very little communication between authors and publishers. Often, this can make authors feel disconnected from their own work, and can ultimately feel very discouraging. This, as well, was a huge concern for me.

I wanted to create a company that would allow for all female-identifying voices to be heard, while providing a more hands-on and personable approach to publishing. Final Girl enriches the lives of our authors by offering a greater control over how their work is viewed by their readership. Personal guidance from our editors keeps authors feeling involved with the process. Aside from that, it makes the process a hell of a lot more fun.

I’ve had my own challenges with the publishing industry. I was sick of jumping through hoops with publishers and agents. Out of necessity, I thought about self-publishing, and out of demand, I opened my ideas to others. This company offers more holistic approach to a publishing, and I truly hope that our authors will feel the same.

Necessity has always been the mother of invention, and we, the women, are the new inventors.

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